Wednesday, January 5, 2011



When will it end and still be me?
Quiet hours haunt me now
until dawn rushes forth
into spasms
of the sky...

Death seems so close
and I feel so afraid...
It's hard to say what will happen
so I go on alone
into storms of rain and blood...

Bill Jameson June 1971-San Jose Hospital-ICU

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bill Jameson Art Video by Bobby Jameson

My brother Bill has been drawing and painting his whole life. He is a schizophrenic but continues to create art in one form or another to this day. In 1965 he wrote Too Many Mornings,"That's The Way The World Has Got To Be"(part 2) from the 1965 album Songs Of Protest And Anti Protest by Chris Lucey aka Bobby Jameson. These are his words set to music which I sang on that album. The pictures are his from various time periods.